Chaverim Shabbat Oneg

This past Saturday, Chaverim had the chance to get together as a group for some fun after services. We played games in the gym like kickball and football, and we learned together. We discussed items present within Beth Shalom’s sanctuary and what similar items we would have found in the Mikdash. It was an afternoon filled with fun and games, as well as some really great discussions about this connection. We are looking forward to our next Shabbat oneg where we will get another opportunity to learn and play together!


6th-12th Grade Snow tubing night!

Last week, 6th-12th graders from both Beth Shalom and Beth El had the chance to go snow tubing at Wildwood Highlands. The snow and cold didn’t stop us from having a blast flying down the hill! With frosty breath and big smiles, we warmed up next to a campfire right next to the tubing run afterwards. This was an amazing night out with friends from all over and we can’t wait for more programs together in the future!

IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243

Chaverim Goes Bowling!

Sunday, January 19th was our Chaverim Bowling afternoon. Everyone had an awesome time perfecting their technique at Forward Lanes! Strikes, spares, and smiles were all we saw that day. Can’t wait for our next Chaverim event in March where we will get the chance to make our own grogger, just in time for Purim!


See you then!


Last week, Chaverim got together in the youth lounge to watch the Steelers play their game in London!

Although the outcome of the game wasn’t what we had hoped for, everyone had an awesome time. We had the chance to make our own Steelers jersey, cool Steelers jewelry, play football in the gym, and eat ice cream. We even got our pictures taken as Ben Roethlisberger! Can’t wait for our next event this upcoming Saturday, October 12; board game extravaganza in the youth lounge from 12:30 – 2 PM! See you there.


Maya Werbow Making Shirt Up Close Oren and Zev Eating Ice Cream Oren Gilboa W- Bighead Playing Football

Last Sunday Atid Went To The Children’s Museum And Had An Awesome Time!

After meeting in the youth lounge for lunch we were on our way to the Children’s Museum. We played in a 3 level maze, learned about creating electrical circuits, launched parachutes to the ceiling, and experimented with water flow. It was a great time and we can’t wait for our next Atid event!

Atid Children's Museum (2) Atid Children's Museum (3) Atid Children's Museum (4) Atid Children's Museum



Kadima went Sukkah hopping last night!

Last night, Kadima had it’s own awesome Sukkah hop. We visited four different Sukkot and had some yummy treats at each. A heartfelt Todah Rabah goes to out to Frayda Cohen, Lynn Berman, Brenda Kurland, and Lorraine Mackler for hosting!

Sukkah_Hop[1] Sukkah_Hop(2)[1] Sukkah_Hop(3)[1]

Chag Sameach!



This past Saturday, USY held it’s first text study of the year and went on their Sukkah hop!

For the first half of this year, USY has decided to delve further into the Chanukah story for it’s Saturday morning text study. With Chaukah coming so early this season, and it coinciding with Thanksgiving, it seemed only fitting to look closer at a story that many of us know well to see what else we can uncover. (Amazingly, this is the first time it’s happened since President Lincoln established Thanksgiving in 1863 and it is also the last time it’ll happen until the year 79,811.

After Kiddush, USY set out on their Sukkah hop. Not even the rain could deter us from having a great time. We ate some delicious food, sang, and had a lot of fun. A big Todah Rabah goes out to the Leib’s and the Manspeizer-Cohen’s for hosting us and providing some yummy treats. Can’t wait until next year for another Sukkah hop!

Chag Sameach